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Three lip balm selection tips

Mar. 23, 2019

1.Moisturizing is a must

The stratum corneum of the lips is very fragile and there are no mechanisms such as sebum lines or sweat glands to protect the water. Once the moisturizing work is neglected, it will show dryness and fatigue. It is recommended that after purchasing a Deep Moisturizing Lip Balm, after a word-of-mouth test from the “classic” moisturizing effect, it will not disappoint you.

2. Consider sunscreen, there is a dull pain

Girls are troubled by the faint color. It is recommended to choose a Personalized Lip Balm with a sun protection factor, taking into account the moisturizing and sun protection functions, giving the lips a full range of care.

3. Recommended for sensitive skin to enhance soothing function

Easy to sensitive, red skin on the skin in dry and cold winters, the skin is more prone to small conditions! It is recommended to abandon the fancy function of using natural botanical ingredients and anti-allergic lip care products to make the lips look obedient!

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