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  • 118ml Shampoo and Body wash

    118ml Shampoo and Body wash

Product Details

118mL 2 in 1 Shampoo &Body Wash



Description: Doubles as a shampoo and body wash. Produces a rich, full lather to soothe, condition and moisturize both skin and hair.

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Alkyl Ether Sulphate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide DEA, Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate, Ethylene Glycol Distearate, Sodium Chloride, Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters, Fragrance, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Citric Acid, Disodium EDTA, FD&C Yellow NO.5, FD&C Red NO.4.

Directions: Rub a small amount between palms to lather then apply to hair & body for washing. Rinse thoroughly after usage.

Storage methods: Store in cool place

Expiry date: two years.


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