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Which Is Better, Hand Sanitizer or Soap?

Apr. 10, 2020

The composition of children's hand sanitizer is the key. There are three methods for children's handwashing, water washing, soap washing, and hand sanitizer washing.

Our clean water plays the role of general cleaning, and soap can play the role of deep cleaning. Only the hand sanitizer can better disinfect and eliminate bacteria.

Some scientists sampled the clinical medical staff to wash their hands with soap and hand soap before starting medical operations to monitor the effect of handwashing. The pass rate of soap handwashing was 84.78%; the handwashing liquid was 96.43%, such a result was statistically significant.

Which Is Better, Hand Sanitizer or Soap?cid=96

Spain conducted a comparative study of different hand washing methods and illnesses in kindergartens, targeting more than 900 children aged 3 and under

They divided the children into three groups: hand sanitizer group, soap group, and water group. Teach the children the correct way to wash their hands.

After 8 months of observation, a total of 5,211 respiratory infections were recorded in these children, and the children took a total of 5186 days of sick leave for this.

The number of days of leave due to illness accounted for 3.25% in the hand sanitizer group, 3.9% due to illness in the soap group, and 4.2% due to illness in the Qingshui group. Children in the water and soap groups had a 21% higher chance of catching a cold than children in the hand sanitizer group.

Therefore, washing your hands with liquid hand soap can play a better handwashing effect, and can also give children better protection and reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases.

There are many kinds of hand sanitizers on the market. It is important for parents to learn to choose hand sanitizers to achieve better results for children.

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