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What should I pay attention to when using hand sanitizerⅡ?

Mar. 17, 2020

Disposable hand sanitizers are usually formulated with disinfecting ingredients, volatile solvents, and skincare ingredients. After washing the dirt on the hands, the solvent will automatically volatilize without washing with water. Economic Daily-China Economic Net prompts that the use of disposable hand sanitizer is particular about it. 

Disposable hand sanitizer is not rinsed with water, and the visible dirt such as dust and dirt cannot be removed. Its biggest effect is sterilization, and the decontamination effect is relatively poor. Therefore, when the hands are in a relatively clean environment, they need to be disinfected. Disposable hand sanitizer is a very convenient choice, otherwise, it is still recommended to wash with water first.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

In order to sterilize, alcohol-free hand sanitizers generally contain ingredients such as alcohol, which have certain irritation to the skin of the hands. Therefore, disposable hand sanitizers are often used and hand care is required. Also, it is best not to use disposable hand sanitizers before coming into contact with food.

Also due to the ingredients, it is best not to keep the hand sanitizer close to the fire when storing it. Alcohol is a flammable liquid. Keep away from open flames and high-temperature objects. When storing, keep away from heating appliances such as heaters and stoves. Also, keep away from children.

When using, rub your hands carefully according to your personal working environment and other conditions, and pay special attention to thoroughly washing your nails, joints, and other parts. Remove the rings, watches and other decorations first, and then clean them thoroughly, because wearing jewelry will hide dirt locally, and a little carelessness will cause bacteria to "leak".

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