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History of Ultrasound Transmission Gel 2

Jul. 02, 2020

Because the majority of patients to check parts of the skin in good condition and without damage, healthy intact skin itself as a barrier to a stop outside the germ attack, so for these patients, clinical ultrasound diagnosis or treatment is not required for skin disinfection, in principle, the use of sterile type coupling agent, is ultrasound doctors use at ordinary times, normal coupling agent. However, with the increasing attention and attention to the hygienic and cross-infection problems in clinical examination, the demand for special medical ultrasonic couplers (asepsis, sterilization, etc.) is also increasing. The Canadian Department of Health, for example, explicitly requires: "Aseptic gels must be used for all invasive procedures involving device penetration through tissue (e.g., needle aspiration, needle localization, and tissue biopsy), in sterile environments, and in infants with defective skin and in the infant care unit. Sterile gels or bacteriostatic gels should also be considered for procedures performed on intact mucosae such as the esophagus, stomach, rectum, and vagina. According to the domestic medical Ultrasonic coupling agent standard (YY0299-2008), for products with other characteristics (such as asepsis and sterilization), manufacturers should supplement their corresponding requirements. At present, "sterilized" medical ultrasound transmission gels have entered the market and hospitals in China. Of course, for the examination or operation with the nature of trauma, most of the ultrasound doctors or clinicians in China mostly use sterile saline or sterile iodine, which can basically meet the clinical needs. However, as sterile saline or sterile iodine is easy to dry and evaporate and has poor adhesion, it needs a constant refill, which is time-consuming and labile.

Ultrasound Transmission Gel

Type of sterilization of coupling agent on the market at present, not the existing carbomer resin in type preparation directly after sterilization, but added some antibacterial or antibacterial compounds, some meet the requirements of health standard for cosmetics, safe non-toxic fungicide, and natural extracts antibacterial agent (e.g., triclosan, polysaccharide, aloe, peppermint, lavender, a lemon antibacterial agent, eucalyptus, etc.) has been famous medical coupling agent manufacturers at home and abroad to bacteriostatic type (type sterilization and disinfection) coupling agent, its main characteristic is biodegradable, elimination of biodegradable. In addition, due to the adverse effect of the bubbles in the couplers on the treatment, some companies have made and sold a special bubble-free form for extracorporeal shock wave lithotriptor.

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