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Three ways to use personal lubricants

Jan. 23, 2019

Here are three ways to use Personal Lubricants.

Use method one:

Carefully choose the Personal Lubricant, don't think it is cheap to buy, you have to remember that there is no good cheap. When you choose, you should see if it is a famous brand (quality is guaranteed), and see if it can be used with a condom. What ingredients, no harm or allergies to the human body.

Method 2:

Rotate the pressure-pressing extrusion port to the proper position, apply a proper amount of lubricant on the finger, apply it to the genitals, or use it with a condom to apply the lubricant to the condom during sexual life.

Use method three:

Human Personal Lubricant Water Based contain no pharmaceutical ingredients and are usually not allergic. The safest way to use body lubricants is to apply them on a condom. It can also be applied directly to the female vulva. If it is not particularly dry, it is not necessary to apply it directly to the vagina.

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