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The history of hand sanitizer

Apr. 02, 2019

Many of people's daily activities are done by two hands. There are many kinds of contact and there are many kinds of stains. Therefore, washing hands is the most frequent occurrence in people's daily hygiene and clean life. Therefore, Custom Mini Hand Sanitizers came into being.

Restricted by living conditions and market, people used to wash their hands with soap, soap and washing powder. Although they can achieve a certain cleaning effect, they have a stimulating effect on the skin. Long-term use will cause some people to have rough skin. Cleft palate and peeling. As the second face of the human body, people, especially women, are more willing to work hard to protect her.  Foam Hand Sanitizer is a cleaning and care product specially used for hand washing. With the advancement of technology, the application of new surfactants, auxiliaries and mild, natural killer is packaged in a pressure pump bottle to make the hand sanitizer "moisturizing and sterilizing". "The special function; the use of "pump pump to prevent cross-infection", the "liquid washing, more fashionable" buying point consumer groups, quickly recognized by consumers, become a substitute for traditional toiletries, this It has become a trend in the development of hand-washing care products.

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