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The history of Lip balm

Mar. 12, 2019

We use lip balm every day, so do you know the history of Lip Balm China?

As early as in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, women had used some red mineral or plant pigments on their cheeks and on their lips to achieve cosmetic purposes. In our country, as early as in the Three Kingdoms period, the writer Cao Zhi described the beauty of women in his "Luo Shen Fu" with the words "Dan Lip Wai Lang, the teeth inside the fresh...". In the Tang Dynasty, women have learned to use natural pigments to beautify the lips.

Before the beginning of the 20th century, people usually blended cucumber puree and rose juice into a liquid or creamy Lip Balm, which was placed in a box for use, but it was not convenient to use and store. From the early 20th century to 1917, cylindrical, spin-wrapped lipsticks made of grease and wax were popular and popular because of their ease of use and storage. In 1938, a lip brush made of mole hair began to catch on, and it could outline a clear lip and highlight the full contour of the lips.

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