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The difference between Sun Screen SPF 30 and SPF 50

Jan. 14, 2019

The Sunscreen SPF 30 and Sun screen SPF 50 generally refers to the sunscreen index of sunscreen, and the sunscreen SPF is a test indicator for measuring the sunscreen ability of sunscreen products, indicating the sunscreen effect that sunscreen products can exert, assuming that in the case of sunscreen products, exposure for 10 minutes After that, the skin begins to turn red. A product with Sunscreen SPF 50 protects the skin for 500 minutes, while a product with a Sunscreen SPF 30 protects the skin. Lasts for 300 minutes.

The difference between Sun Screen SPF 30 and SPF 50


The same brand of sunscreen products, Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 products are lighter and more permeable than SPF 50 products, because the higher the spf value, the more sunscreen added, the worse the permeability, which will hinder the normal secretion of the skin. Breathe. For acne muscles or sensitive skin, it is recommended to use a sunscreen with a lower SPF.


Sunscreen SPF 30 products are safer than SPF 50 products because the higher the spf value, the more chemical sunscreens are added and the sunscreen is corrosive. The more you add, the stronger the corrosion. .Excessive sunscreens also easily penetrate the skin, causing allergies and other problems.

Sunscreen durability

Sun Screen SPF 50 products last longer than Sunscreen cream SPF 30 products, because Sun screen SPF 30 can extend sunscreen time by 30 times, while Sun screen SPF 50 can extend sunscreen time by 50 times. Of course, the duration of the sunscreen is not only SPF, but also the PA value is important, but the sunscreen has a higher SPF index and a lower PA value.

Suitable place

OEM Sunblock  SPF 30 have a slightly weaker sun protection ability, but they are safer. They are often used outdoors when traveling or traveling. Sunblock  SPF 50 products have powerful sun protection, but are slightly weaker and are suitable for use on the beach or in the tropics.

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