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The Application of Ultrasound Gel

Mar. 08, 2019

Because the medical ultrasonic frequency is 2.5-5M, it cannot be conducted in the air. If there is air in the probe and the skin, the ultrasonic wave will return when it encounters the air, and it will not enter the human body and will not be inspected. Apply a layer of Professional Ultrasound Gel to the skin to remove air from the probe and skin.

First, the concept of Ultrasound Gel

During ultrasound examination, the air between the probe and the patient's skin will impede the transmission of ultrasound into the body. In order to obtain high-quality clear images, a liquid conductive medium is needed to connect the probe to the patient's body surface. This medium is a commonly used Ultrasound Gel.

Second, the reasons for using Ultrasound Gel

The purpose of using an Medical Water Soluble Disposable Ultrasound Gel is to first fill the tiny gaps between the contact surfaces, so that the trace air between these gaps does not affect the penetration of the ultrasound; the second is the acoustic impedance between the probe and the skin through the "transition" of the Ultrasound Gel. The difference is reduced, thereby reducing the reflection loss of ultrasonic energy at this interface. In addition, it also acts as a "lubrication" to reduce the friction between the probe surface and the skin, allowing the probe to be flexibly swept and probed.

Third, the effect of Ultrasound Gel on the image

The quality of the Ultrasound Transmission Gel is closely related to the quality of the resulting sonogram. Poor quality couplants can cause loss of ultrasonic energy, reduced resolution, blurred images, and even irritating the skin and damaging the probe.

The Application of Ultrasound Gel


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