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What is the order of application of Isolation creams, foundations and sunscreens?

Jul. 17, 2019

Make-up is a routine practice for many women every day, but not everyone knows what the makeup steps are. If the makeup steps are wrong, not only can the cosmetics not play its proper role, it may even cause damage to the skin. So it's important to understand the correct steps for makeup.

The order of use is as follows:

Sunscreen, Isolation cream, liquid foundation.


1. Use a Isolation cream after 10-15 minutes after using the Sunscreen SPF 30. In this way, the sunscreen can be filmed to achieve the desired effect.

2, the Isolation cream is to isolate the dust, dirt, ultraviolet radiation in the air, to protect the skin, we can choose a better Custom Sunscreen Cream, sunscreen cream for dry skin, sunscreen time of 6 hours, Sunscreen lotion is suitable for oily and sensitive skin. The sunscreen time is 2~4 hours.

3, liquid foundation is to make the skin look delicate, choose a liquid foundation that is darker than your skin color, or a liquid foundation equal to your skin color, such makeup will appear transparent, not too fake.

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