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Summer sun protection essential products

May. 27, 2019

Summer is the heart of every beautiful woman! Hot and hot sun, hot and hot things small, drying things big, light tanning, heavy sunburn spots, so, summer must be sun protection, summer must be sun protection, summer must be sun protection, important things said three times! What do you need for summer sun protection?

1 Umbrella:

Every woman's bag should put a parasol, summer out of essential items, shade and shade, very practical! If the thundershower, but also can save the emergency, when the umbrella reserve!
2 Sunscreens:
Why do people's thighs, buttocks, or stomachs, which are covered by clothes, are significantly whiter than their faces? The main reason is clothes, clothes best shade effect! However, summer is so hot, long-sleeved trousers are not very realistic, so, a light and thin suntan suit is very necessary, into the indoor air-conditioning room, you can also take a ride, go cool!
3 Suntan gloves:
Clothes such as short-sleeved T-shirts and sleeveless skirts will make the arms exposed to the sun, so sun protection gloves are necessary. Driving, cycling, and walking are all necessary. It is recommended to buy decorative, beautiful and sunshade
4 Sunscreen mask:
Friends who ride electric vehicles, because they can not use umbrellas, so China sunscreen masks are very necessary, it is strongly recommended to buy the type of sunscreen mask that can cover the neck!
5 Sunscreen:
As long as you go out to be sure to wear 30mL Sunscreen, if the time out is longer, it is recommended to apply sunscreen with a high sunscreen index!
6 Post-tanning repair cream:
If you spend a long time in the sun during the day, you must wear a sun repair cream or aloe gel after removing makeup at night to avoid sunburn or sunburn.

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