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Attention! Don’t let winter hurt your skin

Dec. 28, 2018

Do you need OEM Sunblock  in winter? There should also be many people who think that winter is so cold and does not require sun protection.

Dermatologists stress that winter should also be as sun-protected as summer. Because the main damage to the skin is ultraviolet light, ultraviolet rays are present whether in winter or summer.

In the winter sun, the UVB content in the sun is significantly reduced, but the UVA is not too different due to the season. The warm sunshine in winter will make people forget that it is also lethal. In fact, the winter sun contains a lot of long-wave UVA. UVA ultraviolet rays can penetrate the skin more easily, stimulate melanin production, destroy collagen and elastic fiber, and the skin will be Black spots and aging will occur unconsciously.

Ultraviolet rays still exist in winter, and the ozone layer becomes thinner in winter, and ultraviolet rays are more likely to pass through the ozone layer to come to us. Especially in the rainy days, it seems that there is no sunlight, but the ultraviolet rays will be high enough to damage the critical value of the skin. Everyone generally ignores the importance of winter sun protection, so the skin will be harmed unconsciously.

Affected by climate and air conditioning, winter skin is prone to slow metabolism and function, and skin renewal and repair functions are weakened. At this time, when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, melanin will be difficult to excrete and form annoying spots, so if you do not do sunscreen, the spots will climb into your face silently this winter.

In the winter, Custom Sunscreen Cream should also be used, don't let winter hurt your skin.

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