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Basic requirements for gels

Jan. 25, 2019

Our company is a China manufacturer of Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel, Medical Water Soluble Disposable Ultrasound Gel, then what requirements should the gel meet? Let's introduce the five basic requirements of the gel.

The gel should meet the following requirements:

1. The gel should be uniform and fine, keep it gelatinous at room temperature, not dry or liquefied;

2. The rubber particles in the suspended gel should be evenly dispersed and should not sink and agglomerate; 

3. If necessary, a moisturizing agent, a preservative, an antioxidant, an emulsifier, a thickener and a transdermal absorption enhancer may be added to the gel;

4. The gel matrix should not interact with the drug;

5. Unless otherwise specified, the gel should be sealed by light and placed under 25 ° C and should be protected from freezing.

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