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What Is Physical Sunscreen and Chemical Sunscreen?

Jun. 09, 2020

The meaning of sun protection proprietary index

When you buy back a bottle of sunscreen, you can definitely see various indexes on the packaging. What is the real meaning of these common indexes?

UVA long-wave ultraviolet, it is the main reason for premature skin aging. It can penetrate the dermis layer, make the skin tan, even skin cancer, the effect is slow and long-lasting, and it is cumulative. Not blocked by windows, umbrellas, etc., even if it rains on a cloudy day.

UVB is a medium-wave ultraviolet, which can reach the dermis and cause sunburn. It causes skin peeling, erythema, sunburn, etc., but it can be blocked by glass, umbrellas, clothes, etc.

PA is an index that indicates how much UVA damage is prevented. At present, the standards adopted by sunscreen products on the market can be divided into three types: PA+ (effective), PA++ (very effective), and PA+++ (very effective). Products that are not marked with PA may not have UVA protection.

SPF mainly refers to the degree of protection against UVB. For Asians, the general skin will appear to be red in 15 minutes in the sun. SPF10 means that using this product can isolate ultraviolet rays for 15 minutes×10 times = 150 minutes, and so on.

Sunscreen is divided into physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen


What is the physical sunscreen?

The principle of a physical sunscreen is that reflective particles form a protective wall on the skin and reflect ultraviolet rays. The most commonly used ingredients are inorganic substances such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Both zinc oxide and titanium oxide can provide UVB protection, and zinc oxide can block UVA. Typical physical sunscreen ingredients are white, pasty, not easy to wipe evenly and turn blue after exposure to water. This type of sunscreen does not contain too many chemical ingredients, so it is more suitable for babies.

What is chemical sunscreen?

The principle of chemical sunscreen is to use chemicals to combine with cells and absorb part of the ultraviolet rays to convert them into molecular vibration energy or heat energy to achieve the effect of sun protection. It is generally believed that physical sunscreen is less irritating to the skin and safer, but it feels thicker to use. The chemical sunscreen needs 20 minutes to absorb after application, but the texture is refreshing and not greasy.

Bring treasure to wear red clothes for more sun protection in summer

Mom should pay attention to it, the most sunscreen color is not white, but red. Because the red light wave is the longest, it can absorb a lot of ultraviolet rays in sunlight, and other colors are relatively weak, so the babywearing red clothes in summer can block ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn.

It is best for babies to choose a sunscreen with at least SPF30

Although it is enough to choose SPF15 products for daily outings, you neglect one point: only when you apply the wipes strictly according to the time interval (usually 2 hours), it can guarantee the effect of SPF15. The vast majority of parents are difficult to make up for the baby, so the effect of SPF15 is actually only equivalent to SPF6 or 7. Therefore, if you choose SPF30, according to this condition, its actual effect is equivalent to SPF15.

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