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What should I pay attention to when using hand sanitizerⅠ?

Mar. 17, 2020

Since the outbreak of pneumonia, many people have attached great importance to personal hygiene and disinfection. In addition to wearing masks, washing hands and other methods, alcohol has also become one of the disinfection measures of choice for many people. At present, the main route of transmission of the virus, in addition to direct inhalation of the nose and mouth, as well as hand contact! For example, rubbing your eyes, rubbing your nose, or even pinching food with your hands. Hand gel manufacturer shares with you.

So what should you pay attention to when using 75% alcohol disposable hand sanitizer for hand disinfection?

According to the personal working environment and other circumstances, the entire process of handwashing must be carefully rubbed hands for more than 60 seconds, special attention should be paid to thoroughly wash the parts wearing rings, watches and other accessories, should first remove the accessories and then thoroughly clean, because The ring will cause a local "special zone" to hide dirt and dirt, and a little carelessness will cause bacteria to "leak." And if you use a "pedal" or "inductive" switch during hand washing, it is more ideal.

Foam Hand Sanitizer

Because the disposable lotion uses the principle of alcohol volatilization, it may have a relatively strong alcohol taste at first, but it can evaporate cleanly within a short time without harming the skin.

Pay attention to the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer

1. Take an appropriate amount (1-3ML) of hand sanitizer on the palms and apply evenly to your hands.

2. Knead according to the seven-step washing method for 20-30 seconds.

3. Keep away from fire and prevent children from eating by mistake.

4. The main effect of disposable hand sanitizer is sterilization and should not be used as the first choice for decontamination. Under normal circumstances, frequent hand washing (flowing water + soap/hand sanitizer) is the first choice.

5, long-term use may cause dry and rough skin, pay attention to hand care.

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