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Body spray four selection rules

Apr. 17, 2019

The Body Spray is a spray between the perfume and the body lotion, which has a good smell of perfume and a moisturizing effect. Especially in the hot summer days, I want to refresh and smell the body, but it is convenient to spray and spray, and can relieve the dryness and discomfort of the body at the right time.

OEM Card Perfume Spray four selection rules

1. See if there are two components of ethanol or denatured ethanol on the ingredient list. If there is, try to avoid spraying directly on the skin.

2. After spraying, smell that there is no heavy alcohol smell.

3. Of course, the best use of plant essential oils, but it is similar to the use of synthetic oils, the taste is as high as 95% or more similar. However, if it is a Chinese name ingredient list, the synthetic essential oil will be marked with the main aroma component. If it is pure essential oil, it will be marked with the Chinese name of the pure essential oil.

4. If sprayed Deodorant Perfume Spray on the skin, there is a rapid, obvious cooling sensation in a short period of time, and generally a solvent with higher volatility is used. If it is sensitive skin, it is not recommended to spray directly on the skin.

Body spray four selection rules

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