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Notes on Choosing Sunscreen

Jul. 13, 2020

When the scorching heat comes, choosing a sunscreen that suits you to spend the summer has become our most concerned matter. How to choose a sunscreen? What do you need to pay attention to when choosing, let the sunscreen cream manufacturer take you to understand it together?

1. It is recommended to do an accurate skin test before purchasing sunscreen

Oily skin should choose water-based sunscreen with strong penetration; dry skin should choose cream-shaped sunscreen; normal skin is generally not strictly regulated, and emulsion-based sunscreen is suitable for all kinds of skin.


2. Calculate the SPF value

(The abbreviation of Sun Protection Factor, indicates the level of sun protection that sunscreen products can exert. It is determined according to the minimum erythema dose of the skin.) Generally speaking, the higher the SPF index, the protection time is given The longer.


3. Understand the applicable population of different sunscreens

Different sunscreen products have different applications. The best way is to try it on the inside of your wrist before buying. If the skin appears red, swollen, painful, and itchy within 10 minutes, it means that you have an allergic reaction to this product. You can try a product with a factor of one lower than this SPF. If there is still a reaction, it is best to give up the sunscreen of the brand.

Sunscreen Cream


4. Choose a refreshing sunscreen

In addition to recognizing the OilFree logo on the outer packaging, the selected sunscreen product can be lightly applied to the back of the hand or the tiger's mouth. If the skin can be quickly absorbed, there is no sticky feeling, whitening feeling, and If there is no shiny oily feeling, and it feels refreshing and moist, it can basically be regarded as a qualified refreshing sunscreen.


5. Due to the different secretion of oil and fat, the skin quality will change, and skin testing should be done again

Oily skin should choose foam cleansing products with strong cleansing power and water-based sunscreen products with strong penetration; dry skin should choose milky cleansing products and creamy sunscreen products; the selection of neutral skin is more extensive. Emulsion and spray sunscreens are basically suitable for all skin types.


6. For people with oily skin who are prone to acne

You should choose a lotion-like product that is refreshing and non-greasy. Do not use sunscreens such as sunscreen creams. Pay special attention to whether the product is labeled non-comedogenic (will not cause acne).


7. Those who usually take antihypertensive drugs or diet pills and tranquilizers

Sunscreen products with a high sun protection factor should be used. Since the skin of those taking this agent is prone to light allergy, it is necessary to increase the sun protection factor.


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