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Need to Apply Hand Cream in Summer?

Aug. 03, 2020

Many people's concept of hand cream is to use it in autumn and winter and use it in dry seasons, but in fact, real skincare experts know that hand cream is also used throughout the year.

Why do you need to use skin cream in the hot and greasy summer? Follow the hand cream supplier to find out.

First of all, the two key premises of using skin cream in summer:

1. Do housework

Doing housework requires contact with detergent and other cleaning products. These cleaning products more or less contain soap and surfactants. After use, the hands will be noticeably dry. At this time, you need to use hand cream to moisturize.

Many people think that it doesn't matter if you use hand cream in summer, but in fact, if you don't take care of it in summer, the dryness will be more serious in autumn and winter. Rome is not built in one day. Everyone should understand this truth.

Hand Cream

2. Air conditioning

Summer is here, the air-conditioning utilization rate will increase, especially for office workers. Basically, they stay in the air-conditioned room at the beginning of the shift and turn on the air-conditioning as soon as they come home from work. Everyone knows that water drips during air-conditioning operation. Where does it come from? It is the moisture in the air. The moisture in the air is drained, the air is dry, and the skin will be dry.

Many girls have reported that after staying in the air conditioner for a long time, the skin on the legs can be very dry. In fact, as long as the exposed skin is dry, the hand skin is ignored by many people.

Today, hand cream should be appropriate in air-conditioned rooms, so girls who love beauty should also buy a hand cream that suits them as soon as possible.


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