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How to protect your hands?

May. 06, 2019

1.When purchasing clean hand products, care should be taken to include vitamin E and vitamin B in the ingredients, and avoid buying products that are too alkaline.

2. Before going out during the day, in addition to wearing facial Mineral Sunscreens, it is also best to wear PF sunscreens on your hands to prevent ultraviolet light damage, wrinkles and dark spots.
3. Touch chemicals when you wash dishes and clothes, and always wear gloves to keep your hands away from the soapine.
4. Do a hand exfoliation work once a week, use hand-made sand products to remove the aging cuticle, so that the hands return to smooth.
5. Use sleep time to strengthen hand nourishment, apply a strong Moisturizing Hand Cream before going to bed, and wear a high-permeability glove to facilitate absorption.
6. When applying hand cream, strengthen the joint parts of the fingers.How to protect your hands


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