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What should you pay attention to when buying hand sanitizer?

Jul. 29, 2019

1. To go to the regular shopping mall to buy Personal Foam Hand Sanitizer, the regular shopping malls purchase channels are relatively stable, there are more strict purchase control system.

2. Observe whether the packaging is intact, whether the writing on the packaging bottle is clear, and whether the pump head is strong. Generally, the Scented Hand Sanitizer is discharged through the squeeze pump head. If the package quality is poor, no liquid or liquid leakage will occur during use, causing inconvenience and waste.

scented hand sanitizer

3. See if the logo is complete, if there is no factory name, factory address, etc, pay special attention to whether there is a standard number. Although there is no uniform national standard for liquid hand soap, the state does not allow non-standard production. Therefore, each production enterprise must formulate enterprise standards and indicate the enterprise standard number on the packaging to ensure product quality.

4. Pay attention to the contents of the Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer itself, smell it with no smell, pungent and other odors. If it is, it may be due to the expiration date or the use of prohibited materials, it is best not to buy and use. Also observe whether there is stratification or oil-water separation. If it is, it indicates that the emulsification process is not controlled well during the production process, which will affect the washing effect.

What should you pay attention to when buying hand sanitizer?cid=96

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