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Methods Of Hand Caring

Sep. 29, 2019

Hands are the second face of man. If you don't pay attention to hand care, the skin on your hands can become dry and wrinkled, which can greatly damage a person's overall appearance. Therefore, pay attention to hand care, in order to have a pair of warm jade hands. So how do you perform daily hand care, and I'm going to tell you.

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The principle of hand care is anytime, anywhere, every day, that is, from hand washing to care! First of all, deeply cleaning hand skin. If you want to take care of your hands, the first step is about to have a big clean for your hands. How to do it: first Applying a suitable amount of Instant hand sanitizer evenly on hand skin, rubbing gently and rinsing off with water. Then the first step of hand caring is completed.

Giving regular hand massages. We can use massage essential oil for a few minutes every day to open the pores of the skin and let the moisturizing ingredients easily penetrate into the hand skin ,in order to restore elasticity, smoothness and softness of the skin, as well as relieve discomfort and relieve hand fatigue. Here is how to do it: promote blood circulation, pour in the right amount of massage oil, along the arm to the palm to the fingers, the order of massage, hold for 15-20 minutes or so is ok. This method can promote blood circulation and activate hand cells. It is helpful to hand caring.

Applying appropriate amount of Hand cream. After hand cleaning, we can use a soft, dry towel to carefully dry, especially between the fingers, nail ditch and other places. do not leave water stains, otherwise it will provide a breeding ground for bacteria growth. Then apply appropriate amount of hand cream on the palms, backs, fingers and nails. Before we apply the hand cream, we put it in the palm, and then we rub our hands together, massage on the palm, the back of the hand. Massage method is to start with the back of the hand, with the fingers of one hand gently massage the other hand, drawing spiral until the fingers, at the same time activity each finger, up and down massage more than 10 times, and then change the other hand.

Last but not least, don't forget sunscreen in your daily life. First we have to choose the right sunscreen, choose the appropriate SPF sunscreen hand cream. When you go outside, you can apply sunscreen hand cream. Because ultraviolet ray can let the pigment precipitation in the skin, make hand darker consequently. Resulting in skin color is more uneven. Evening time still can use the late frost that has whitening effect to maintain hand skin.

The above are the methods of hand caring. These methods is mainly used instant hand sanitizers and hand cream for hand care, at the same time with massage techniques to make the hand more delicate.

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