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Little Knowledge Of Alcohol Wet Wipes

Aug. 12, 2020

75% alcohol wet wipes and disinfectants are now almost necessary for going out. Elevators, door handles, companies and other public areas can be wiped with wet wipes before touching them to protect people from germs; but because of 75% alcohol disinfectant It is flammable "dangerous goods" that cannot be brought into the subway, while wet wipes made of alcohol are completely acceptable; in comparison, 75% alcohol wet wipes have more application scenarios than 75% liquid alcohol!

75% alcohol (V/V) can be used for skin disinfection, but not for mucous membranes and large wounds.

In the biological test, microbial sterilization can be done by dry heat sterilization or moist heat sterilization. After some plastic products are tested, in order to prevent expanded pollution, they can be soaked in 75% alcohol for 24 hours. Bacteria and fungi can usually be killed.

Alcohol Wet Wipes

Alcohol molecules have strong penetrating power and can pass through the membrane on the surface of the bacteria and enter the inside of the bacteria to solidify the proteins that constitute the basis of bacterial life and kill the bacteria.

However, the use of alcohol varies depending on the concentration of alcohol.

In daily life, it is common for some people to scrub their wounds with medical alcohol to achieve the purpose of sterilization. But it is worth noting that there are two concentrations of 75% and 95% of alcohol purchased in pharmacies. 75% of alcohol can be used for disinfection, and 95% of alcohol can only be used for wiping ultraviolet lamps. This is because excessively high concentrations of alcohol will A protective film is formed on the surface of the bacteria to prevent them from entering the bacteria body, which is difficult to completely kill the bacteria; if the alcohol concentration is too low, although the bacteria can enter the bacteria, it cannot coagulate the protein in the body, nor can it completely kill the bacteria, the specific breakdown is as follows:

95% of alcohol is used to wipe the UV lamp. This kind of alcohol is commonly used in hospitals, but in the home, it is only used to clean camera lenses.

40%-50% of alcohol can prevent bedsores. Long-term pressure on the back, waist, and buttocks of bedridden patients can cause bedsores. For example, pour a little 40%-50% alcohol into the hands during massage, and evenly massage the pressured parts of the patient to promote local blood circulation and prevent The purpose of bedsores.

25%-50% of alcohol can be used to physically reduce fever. Patients with high fever can use it to rub their bodies to achieve the purpose of cooling down. Because rubbing the skin with alcohol can dilate the blood vessels of the patient's skin and increase the heat dissipation capacity of the skin. Its volatility can also absorb and take away a large amount of heat to relieve symptoms. However, the concentration of alcohol should not be too high, otherwise it may irritate the skin and absorb a lot of moisture from the epidermis. The specific method is: moisten gauze or a small towel with alcohol, twist it to a half-dry, and wipe the neck, chest, underarms, limbs, hands, and feet.

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