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Little Knowledge about Medical Ultrasound Gel

Jun. 12, 2020

I believe that everyone who has done an ultrasound examination will have a question or complaint. Why does the doctor apply a cool, damp liquid to the body every time an ultrasound examination is done? What is this thing? It’s all over my body. Can I not use this when doing ultrasound?

This sticky thing is medical disinfection ultrasound transmission gel.

Medical ultrasound transmission gel is a medical product composed of a new generation of the aqueous polymer gel. Its PH value is neutral, non-toxic and harmless to the human body, not easy to dry, not easy to rancidity, clear ultrasonic imaging, suitable viscosity, non-greasy, the probe is easy to slide, can moisturize the skin, eliminate the skin surface air, lubricating Good, easy to deploy; no corrosion and damage to the ultrasonic probe. Ultrasound examination is inseparable from couplant.

Ultrasound Transmission Gel

1. Because the medical ultrasonic frequency is 2.5-5M, it cannot be conducted in the air. When there is air in the probe and the skin, the ultrasound will return as soon as it encounters the air, and it will not enter the body and will not be able to check. Therefore, when performing an ultrasound examination, first apply a layer of couplant to the skin to fill the tiny gaps between the skin and the probe, so that the trace of air between these gaps do not affect the penetration of ultrasound, so as to obtain high-quality images. Better diagnose the disease.

2. The coupling agent also plays a "lubricating" role, reducing the friction between the probe surface and the skin, so that the probe can slide flexibly. This is why couplant must be used for ultrasound examinations.

3. As a kind of commonly used consumables in the ultrasonic examination, the selection of ultrasound transmission gel has strict performance requirements in clinical practice. A qualified medical ultrasound transmission gel must be an organic combination of multidisciplinary knowledge such as chemistry, disinfection, ultrasound, and medicine, which fully meets the two basic requirements of safety and effectiveness.

The medical ultrasound transmission gel currently on the market are non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, non-sticking to the skin and clothing, non-irritating to the skin, allergic, and easy to wipe off. And it has good thixotropy and does not flow, the operation is easy to grasp. Good stability, not affected by climate change.

The above information is provided by the ultrasound gel supplier.

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