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Is Liquid Soap a Shower Gel?

Sep. 07, 2020

The decontamination ability of soap is recognized, and it is also a popular cleaning product. Liquid soap is similar to shower gel but is named after soap. What is the difference and connection between the three? Let's check it out with the hand sanitizer gel manufacturer.

What exactly is liquid soap?

Liquid soap is actually a liquefied "soap". Like soap, liquid soap is mainly composed of sodium fatty acid and is essentially saponified from animal or vegetable oils.

Liquid Soap

For solubility and transparency, liquid soaps generally do not use high-molecular-weight tallow or lard but are based on vegetable fats. The neutralizer uses potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide. At the same time, some surfactants and chelating agents are also compounded to increase their solubility and transparency. Liquid soap shows many advantages, such as the raw materials are renewable resources, the ingredients are more natural, the production process is simple, the energy consumption in the production process is low, the biodegradability is good, and it is safer for the human body.

Liquid soap has the advantages of good solubility, strong detergency, easy to rinse, easy to quantitative control, and less irritation to the skin. Moreover, most of the shower gels on the market are extracted from petroleum by-products and need to add stabilizers. Liquid soaps are saponified with animal or vegetable oils just like traditional soaps. Although the chemicals added to the shower gel have been tested and approved for use on humans, the testable procedure does not include exploring the consequences of long-term use and studying the reaction of mixing with other chemicals in our daily life environment. So liquid soap with more natural ingredients is more friendly to allergic skin.

What is the difference between liquid soap and shower gel?

The main ingredients are different. Liquid soap is based on fatty acid sodium, while shower gel is based on synthetic anionic nonionic surfactant.

Is the effect of using liquid soap the same as soap?

Many people know that washing hands with soap and running water is the most authoritative cleaning method. Can liquid soap achieve the same effect? The answer is yes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that hand washing is the main way to prevent infection of germs, and the same degree of recognition is given to solid soaps and liquid soaps.

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