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How To Use Scrub Cream?

Jan. 04, 2020

A product like scrub is often used in our daily lives. The so-called scrub! It refers to an emulsified cleansing product containing uniform fine particles. It is mainly used to remove deep dirt and remove dead skin. So when you choose, you must try whether the frosted particles are smooth and too hard! 

But do you really use scrub cream? Do you know any misunderstandings when using scrub cream? Let the Hand Sanitizer Spray supplier answer them one by one.

Can the scrub be used on my face?

Facial scrubs can be used on the face, but not body scrubs.

Facial skin is relatively more delicate than body skin and can withstand less irritation. The facial scrub is a product specially designed for the face. The scrub particles in it contain natural plant ingredients such as almonds, red beans, papaya, oats, etc. At the same time as the skin and keratin, it can also moisturize and protect the face. It should be noted that the body scrub cannot be used on the face, otherwise it will cause certain damage to the skin. So little friends must pay attention when using it

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What happens with a body scrub on my face?

1. It causes  red bloodshot in the face

Body scrubs have a stronger cleaning power than facial scrubs, and the cuticles on the facial skin are thinner and therefore more fragile. Washing the face with a body scrub is an over-cleaning of the face , Will thin the face horny or even wash away, resulting in facial skin is too thin and sensitive, resulting in red bloodshot.

2. Dry and dehydrated face

The body scrub is strong in cleaning. Washing the face will take away the moisture and nutrients from the face, make the facial skin more dry and dehydrated, and even severely cause skin redness, peeling, and cracking.

3. Facial skin resistance decreases

Body scrubs are easy to over-wash facial oils and keratin, and proper oils and keratin are protective for the skin. When the skin loses the protection of oil and keratin, the skin resistance decreases, and it becomes more sensitive and fragile. At the same time, Foreign bacteria and fungi can invade the skin more easily and cause a series of skin problems.

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