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How To Use Hand Cream?

Nov. 28, 2019

Hand cream is a woman's daily necessities! Especially in winter, not less. But, although every day diligently moistens the hands, the dry condition still exists, just hands many fragrances, why? In fact, to make hand cream play the maximum effect, must pay attention to the following few small habits. Hand Lotion Manufacturer share with you.

Ladies' hands are easy to catch a cold, before putting on the hand cream, to gently rub the hands to make the hands warm, so that the hand cream beauty ingredients can be effectively absorbed by the skin.

Hands often contact with the outside world, easy to contact with bacteria, before each use of hand cream, to clean hands first, otherwise, the hands of bacteria may be hand cream cosmetic ingredients nourishing reproduction.

 Moisturizing Hand Cream

The back of the hand is the driest place of the hands, but the hand cream in the palm massage first, make the palm temperature rise, then massage the back of the hand with the palm. This makes the hand cream's beauty ingredients work best.

Many people think hand frost and common face frost do not have how much difference, in fact, hand frost and face frost cannot be Shared. Because the skin of both hands does not have a lipid layer, cannot secrete grease, protect the skin, need more moist product to cooperate, the hairdressing ingredient of facial cream cannot achieve the effect that moistens both hands necessarily. Moisturizing Hand Cream is a better choice.

Hand and face are same, should choose according to age, skin qualitative and individual need to protect skin to taste, ability can develop the effect with the utmost.

Young woman prevents the hand skin to be dry and chapped is key, need to choose to protect the hand frost with good moisturizing effect only can.

The age is a more mature woman, need to have fight old repair, fade color spot ingredient to wait for multifunctional hand cream.


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