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How to Give Your Baby a Good Summer Sunscreen

Jun. 08, 2020

Why is the baby easily sunburned?

This is because the baby's skin is not yet mature, the pigment layer that resists ultraviolet rays is still very thin, and it is easy to let ultraviolet rays pass through and get sunburned. Especially for babies under 1-year-old and babies with allergies, be especially careful about the summer sunshine.

Which babies are more likely to be sunburned?

Investigations have shown that Caucasians are more likely to be sunburned because their skin has relatively less melanin that resists ultraviolet light. Although our baby has some more protective barriers, compared with adults, the baby's delicate skin is still vulnerable to sunlight.


6 sun protection recommendations for your baby

1. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen every day. Apply sunscreen to your baby every day when you brush your teeth or before putting on clothes. If you help him develop this habit from an early age, he will feel that applying sunscreen is a must-do every day.

2. Put sunscreen, sun hat, sunglasses, and other sun protection products in a conspicuous position at the door. Before going out every day, you will inadvertently remind yourself to do sun protection for your baby. The baby's eyes are very sensitive. In the summer with strong sunlight, the eyes need sunglasses to protect them. When buying sunglasses for your baby, you should see the small print on the lens. It is usually recommended that you choose 100% UV-resistant sunglasses for your baby.

3. Prepare a bottle of sunscreen in your bag. For example, your handbag or your baby's backpack can be taken out for use by your baby at any time when you are outside.

4. Take your baby's sunscreen to the kindergarten. And told the teacher how to use it for the baby.

5. Explain to the baby the bad effects of sunlight on his skin. Just like letting your baby know the dangers of smoking and eating healthy food is good for the body, tell him about the danger of sunburn and let him understand the importance of sun protection.

6. Always let your baby see how you apply sunscreen to yourself. Don't just emphasize to him that strong sunlight will make him tan, but let him learn to protect himself.

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