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How To Choose Hand Cream?

Dec. 09, 2019

As soon as winter comes, the weather cools down and the air humidity drops, making the skin especially prone to dryness. At the same time, the cutin of hand skin can be a few thicker, feel to rise more dry and coarse. And you wash your hands too much throughout the day. You wash your hands in the bathroom, wash dishes, cook, and wash your hands. This time the hand lotion supplier will teach you how to choose a winter moisturizer.

Whitening Hand Cream

1. Look at the ingredients

For most people, hand cream is used to help relieve chapped, dry hands.

It is recommended to choose the hand cream containing glycerin, lanolin, vaseline (mineral fat), olive oil, shea butter, and other ingredients to moisturize the skin + moisturize, relieve the effect of dry skin.

2. Refreshing or moisturizing, depending on the demand.

Below average circumstance, the oily moist composition in hand cream is more, the effect that prevents dry crack is better. The effect that prevents dry crack is better, general meeting has a drawback: compare oil! It is not easily absorbed by the skin and may be a little sticky on the hands.

So a lot of hand cream can add a few volatile greases, for example, silicone oil, perhaps with skin feeling lighter grease, can improve originally sticky simple sense so.

In addition, some brands will choose vegetable oils to replace some traditional oils, such as shea butter, rosehip oil and jojoba oil, etc., which have the antioxidant function, good absorption and higher cost.

3. Alcohol is not recommended

Alcohol-based hand creams are not recommended as they can dry out the skin over time.

4. Don't worry too much about fragrance

Most people choose a hand cream, they still pay attention to the taste, but they have concerns about fragrance.

Adding a proper amount of fragrance to the hand cream is harmless to the human body and plays a role in increasing fragrance, so it is difficult to have any special effect. You can smell comfortable and not allergic.

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