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How to Choose Alcohol Wipes

Aug. 17, 2020

The alcohol concentration used for sterilization in the market is generally 70%-75%, so why did you choose this concentration?

Experimental data prove that the optimal disinfection concentration of alcohol is 75%. When alcohol molecules are close to the bacteria, the proteins around and on the bacteria cannot be coagulated instantaneously, so that no protective film can be formed, and it can smoothly enter the bacteria's cells and completely make the bacteria. The protein denatures, destroys bacteria, and achieves the effect of sterilization.

Alcohol wet wipes mainly play a role in disinfection and sterilization. It is very practical to prepare a few packs at any time. When choosing alcohol disinfection wipes, you need to consider the following points:

1. Whether it contains alcohol

Most people don’t know the amount of alcohol, but most of them can look at the outer packaging and instructions, but it is recommended to choose a more well-known brand. Nowadays, although the outer packaging of some alcohol wipes is branded with 75% alcohol, it is not actually added. False advertisement: open Afterwards, a strong smell of alcohol was smelled; the lighter could light the non-woven fabric.

Alcohol Wet Wipe

2. Types of alcohol

The main components of alcohol currently in use are divided into food alcohol, industrial alcohol, and medical alcohol. No matter what kind of alcohol it is, it can achieve the sterilization effect in meeting the concentration requirements.

3. With or without fungicide

Alcohol is a relatively volatile substance. After the alcohol evaporates, the wet wipes lose their sterilization ability. Therefore, if you want to have a long-term sterilization function, it is allowed to add a certain sterilant.

4. Whether there are nourishing ingredients

Alcohol can easily cause dry hands and feet. Wet wipes with nourishing ingredients can make up for this shortcoming.

5. Number of wipes

The number of a pack of alcohol wipes in the market is probably about 10-40, to avoid the use of time for a long time seal is not strictly caused by alcohol volatilization, thus the failure of the wipes, household recommendations choose 40-60 pieces or so is appropriate, according to a day with 3-4 pieces of the amount of a pack can be used for 10 days or so, to ensure the performance of alcohol, it will not be too wasteful.

6. Water used for disinfecting wet wipes

Common disinfectant wipes use EDI purified water and RO pure water. RO pure water: pure water produced by RO reverse osmosis technology; EDI purified water: pure water produced by EDI technology; from the water quality standard, the purity of EDI purified water is higher than that of RO pure water.

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