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History of Ultrasound Transmission Gel 1

Jun. 16, 2020

Since medical ultrasound was used to detect injuries in the early stage, early use of mineral oil (including petroleum jelly, butter), vegetable oil, silicone oil, etc. as an ultrasound gel. However, due to its poor acoustic characteristics, it is difficult to obtain high-quality ultrasound images, and it is easy to irritate the skin, damage the probe, dirty clothes, and not easy to clean, etc., which is gradually not accepted by doctors and patients. With the development of modern ultrasound medicine, there is an urgent need for a safe and effective ultrasound transmission gel. In the end, researchers first chose polymer gel preparations. As early as the early 1980s, when China began to bleed ultrasonic instruments, the medical ultrasound transmission gel that followed the equipment, its main component was carbomer resin, and added neutralizers, wetting agents, preservatives, colorants, etc. Formulated. Those who have studied chemistry should know that carbomer resin is a polyacrylic acid cross-linking compound. It can form a high-viscosity gel at a very low concentration, so it is widely used in the research and production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. If you take a closer look at the ingredient list of some gel cosmetics and medicines, it is easy to find the figure of carbomer resin.

Ultrasound Gel

The domestic use of medical ultrasound transmission gel started with the clinical application of ultrasound technology. Because the patented technology is controlled by people, and the imported ultrasound transmission gel is expensive, most domestic hospitals have prepared the ultrasound coupling agent by themselves for a long time. Some hospitals used paste as a couple, but their storage time and physical properties are far from satisfactory The need for an ultrasound examination. In the mid-1990s, the development and production of carbomer gel-type coupling agents began in China. At present, the domestically produced products are all carbomer gel-type, but the product types are relatively monotonous and difficult to adapt to a variety of clinical demand.

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