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Hand Washing Liquid Purchase Precautions

Sep. 19, 2019

Hand sanitizer is a kind of skin care cleaning liquid based on  cleansing hands. Some specific ingredients can be used for disinfection and  sterilization. It can be divided into ordinary hand sanitizer, disinfectant hand  sanitizer and heavy oil hand sanitizer. Chemicals in hand sanitizers may  irritate the skin of the hands. People who are allergic to the skin are not  suitable for use. It is recommended to apply hand cream after washing. In  general, it is harmless.

Hand Washing Liquid Purchase Precautions

Personal Hand Sanitizer:

The price of Hand Sanitizer Price is basically the same as the price of a piece  of soap. Compared with soap, hand soap contains a variety of surfactants and  multifunctional additives, which have various functions such as cleansing,  whitening and moisturizing. At present, there are mainly the following products  on the market:

1. Ordinary hand sanitizer: the role of cleaning  decontamination.

2. Hand sanitizer with anti-bacterial effect: antibacterial,  antibacterial or bactericidal active ingredient.

3. Heavy oil hand sanitizer: cleaning of industrial oil stains and  stubborn stains.

4. Children's hand sanitizer: for children's hand sanitizer,  non-toxic, non-irritating raw materials must be used, and the amount of pigment  and essence should be minimized. Some green surfactants such as alkyl  glycosides, amino acid surfactants and botanical emollients are often used in  children's hand lotions.

5. Water-free hand lotion: mainly daily sterilization of the skin  of the opponent's face. Spray directly onto your hands during  use.

6. Hand Sanitizer for Hospital: There are two main types of hand  sanitizers that are often used in hospitals. One is hand sanitizer with  anti-bacterial/bacteriostatic effect, and the other is hand sanitizer used under  specific conditions such as surgery and blood drawing. Disinfect the product.  Different hand sanitizers are different on the outer packaging. Ordinary hand  sanitizers are generally "quasi-type", and disinfectant hand sanitizers are  mostly "discoloration".

Hand soap is generally free of phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, sodium  alkylbenzene sulfonate and other ingredients, using the principle of mild  decontamination, easy to be accepted by the skin. Pay attention to four points  when purchasing Personal Hand Sanitizer:

1. To go to the regular shopping mall to buy, the regular shopping  malls purchase channels are relatively stable, there are more strict purchase  control system.

2. Observe whether the packaging is intact, whether the writing on  the packaging bottle is clear, and whether the pump head is strong. Generally,  the hand sanitizer is discharged through the squeeze pump head. If the package  quality is poor, no liquid or liquid leakage will occur during use, causing  inconvenience and waste.

3. See if the logo is complete, if there is no factory name,  factory address, etc., pay special attention to whether there is a standard  number to ensure product quality.

4. Pay attention to smell or smell, pungent and other odors. If it  is, it may be due to the expiration date or the use of prohibited materials, it  is best not to buy and use. Also observe whether there is stratification or  oil-water separation. If it is, it indicates that the emulsification process is  not controlled well during the production process, which will affect the washing  effect.

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