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The Product Classification Of Hand Sanitizer

Sep. 16, 2019

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OEM Hand Sanitizer

OEM Hand Sanitizer

The following points are shared by professional Hand Gel Manufacturer.

(1) Ordinary hand sanitizer: the role of cleaning decontamination.

(2) Hand sanitizer with anti-bacterial/bacteriostatic effect: an active ingredient for antibacterial, antibacterial or bactericidal action.

(3) Heavy oil hand sanitizer: cleaning of industrial oil (such as oil, gasoline, butter, diesel, etc.) and stubborn stains.

(4) Children's hand sanitizer: for children's hand sanitizer, non-toxic, non-irritating/low-irritating raw materials must be used, and the amount of pigment and essence should be minimized. Some green surfactants such as alkyl glycosides, amino acid surfactants and botanical emollients are often used in children's hand lotions.

(5) Water-free hand soap

Another type of product is the use of guanidine-based cationic bactericides and adjuvants, primarily for daily sterilization of the skin of the hand. Spray directly onto your hands during use.

(6) Hospital hand sanitizer

Therefore, there are two main types of hand sanitizers that are often used in hospitals. One is hand sanitizer with anti-bacterial/bacteriostatic effect, and the other is hand sanitizer disinfection products used under specific conditions such as surgery and blood drawing. The product is basically free of anionic surfactants, mainly composed of bactericidal double-stranded quaternary ammonium salt, chlorhexidine gluconate, chlorhexidine acetate, chlorhexidine gluconate, chlorhexidine gluconate, It consists of benzalkonium chloride, ethanol, isopropanol and polyhexamethylene biguanide and additives.

Different hand sanitizers have different parts on the outer packaging. Ordinary hand sanitizers are generally "quasi-type", and disinfectant hand sanitizers are mostly "discoloration".

Hand soap is generally free of phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate and other ingredients, using the principle of mild decontamination, easy to be accepted by the skin.

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