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Four tips for choosing hand cream

Jan. 10, 2019

Tip 1: Moisturizing to see the ingredients

For most people, hand creams are used to help improve dry and chapped hands.

It is recommended to use a 30ml Hand Cream containing glycerin, lanolin, petrolatum (mineral), olive oil, shea butter, etc. to moisturize the skin + moisturize and relieve dry skin.

Tip 2: Refreshing or moisturizing, see demand.

In general, the more oily moisturizing ingredients in the Moisturizing Whitening Hand Cream, the better the anti-cracking effect. Anti-drying effect is better, generally with a disadvantage: more oil! Not easily absorbed by the skin, it may be a little sticky on the hands.

Therefore, many hand creams will add some volatile oils, such as silicone oil, or use a lighter skin feel, which can improve the original sticky texture.

In addition, some big brands will choose vegetable oils to replace some traditional oils, such as shea butter, rosehip oil and jojoba oil. These oils have antioxidant function and good absorption, just in cost. Be higher.

Tip 3: It is not recommended to have alcohol

It is not recommended to add alcohol hand cream, but long-term use will make the skin drier. Then you will apply more hand cream to moisturize, and it’s so tired to go.

Tip 4: Don't worry too much about flavor

Most people choose a Portable Hand Lotion, but they will still pay attention to the taste, but they have concerns about the fragrance.

Adding the right amount of fragrance to the hand cream is harmless to the human body and acts to increase the fragrance, so it is difficult to have any special effects. You smell comfortable and not allergic.

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