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The Difference Between Foam Hand Sanitizer And Ordinary Hand Sanitizer

Nov. 07, 2019

Foam hand sanitizers are characterized by foaming when they are squeezed out.

Ordinary hand sanitizers are particularly prone to solidification when the weather is cold. Under normal weather, it is squeezed out and needs to be rinsed with plenty of water. It is only relative to soap, there is no cross-infection. But the foam hand sanitizer, through the magic pump head, presses out the rich foam directly, it is more convenient to wash the hands, the flushing is also very fast, and the water consumption is half of the ordinary hand sanitizer.


It is commonly reported that foam hand sanitizer is very convenient to use, because its special pump head extrudes is foam, eliminating the process of dipping in water and scrubbing. There is more than ordinary hand sanitizer to save, not only to save hand sanitizer, but also to save water, ordinary hand sanitizer is generally pressed a lot of squeezed out, and then rub after the need to rinse water for half a day to flush clean, and foam hand sanitizer out is foam, it is easy to rinse clean; It's also cleaner and doesn't hurt your hands.

Foam hand sanitizer wholesalers remind you to apply moisturizing whitening hand cream after absorption.


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