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Trends in hand sanitizer

Jul. 08, 2019

1) Concentrated type

According to QB 2654-2013 Hand Sanitizer, Personal Use Hand Sanitizer is divided into normal type and concentrated type according to the content of active substance. Among them: the common active material requirement is greater than 7%, and the concentrated active material requirement is greater than or equal to 14%. Concentrated products have the advantages of low dosage, reduced transportation costs, savings in packaging, and less storage space. I believe that with the introduction of standards, more and more concentrated products will be introduced in the market. However, it should be noted that the hand sanitizer is squeezed by the pump head. At present, the amount of the main hand sanitizer on the market is 1.2g~1.5g. After concentration, the amount of the pump head should be controlled at 0.6g~ Between 0.9g [3].

(2) Diversification of product form and function

The Hand Sanitizer Wholesale function is developed from a single washing type to skin care, skin care, nutrition, antibacterial, bacteriostatic and special functions. The hand washing liquid is diversified to meet the different needs of different consumer groups. For example, foam hand sanitizer is a kind of hand washing product developed in recent years. Due to direct foaming, the use form is novel, the use is more convenient and faster, and it is more and more popular among people; the emollient developed according to the dry skin of the elderly Strong hand sanitizer; develop mild hand sanitizer for pregnant women; portable products developed for people who travel frequently.

In response to consumers' growing awareness of cleanliness, Japan has developed a finger disinfectant that contains active ingredients such as alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, gluconate, acetyl chloride, etc., after scrubbing your fingers, let them dry, so it is suitable for no Simple disinfection of your fingers in water. The advantages of this product have been recognized by Japanese consumers.

(3) The product is more green

China is at the peak of urbanization development, and urban environmental pollution problems are increasingly prominent. The dense population, industrial concentration, and large consumption of fossil fuels have worsened the air quality in many large cities. In this environment, consumers pay more attention to the harmony between people and nature while paying attention to product functions. Therefore, the Eco Clean Hand Sanitizer products, which are made of high-safety green surfactant and natural active ingredients such as aloe vera, sea buckthorn oil and wild chrysanthemum, are favored by more and more consumers. 

Eco Clean Hand Sanitizer

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