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Do You Really Know How to Use Hand Cream?

Nov. 26, 2020

In addition to taking care of our facial skin, the skin of our hands is also not to be neglected, so it is necessary to carry a hand cream with you. It is said that the hand is the second face, to maintain this "face", in fact, the hand but faster than the face to age yo! If you don't take care of your hands, the labels "computer hands" and "housewife's hands" will follow! In addition to carrying a hand cream with you to moisturize your skin in a timely manner, you should also pay attention to the correct way to apply hand cream in order to get twice the results with half the effort. Hand cream retailer explains how to apply hand cream correctly.

Misconceptions about hand creams

1.Mistake: After wiping your hands with hand cream, squeeze some on your face!

Correct: This must not be allowed, because some of the oil-based moisturizing ingredients added to hand creams are not only not absorbed by the skin on the face, but are also burdensome. It can lead to clogged pores and induce acne and pimples.

2.Mistake: Face care products expire and are thrown away, so it's a good idea to use them to wipe your hands.

Correct: Once a maintenance product is opened and used, it has been exposed to environmental microbial contamination and air oxidation, the active ingredients contained in it will gradually lose their effectiveness from the fresh stage until they are rancid. Even the oxidized and rancid oil will accelerate the aging and irritation of the skin, just like eating deep-fried oil that has been fried many times, this oil is not beneficial and harmful to the body. It's not a good idea to think that just because you can't smell the oil doesn't mean it's not bad, but the fragrances added to the products can make them smell rancid even though they've gone bad.

Hand Cream

3.Mistake: Using creams as hand creams are convenient and economical!

Correct: The skin on your hands is completely different from your face, and the distribution of oil and sweat glands is naturally different. If you use a face cream instead of a hand cream, you will find that the moisturizing power is far from enough, which is not to say that you can't use it at all, but you will be remiss. So I still recommend that you use a professional skin cream.

4.Mistake: Pick any bottle of hand cream and moisturize it!

Correct: It's a good idea to choose a hand cream according to your age, skin type, and needs, just as you would a face cream, to get the most out of it. In terms of age, young people can choose a hand cream with good moisturizing effects to prevent dry and cracked hands; for older people, in addition to moisturizing and nourishing, it's best to pick a multifunctional hand cream that has anti-aging properties and lightens spots (such as vitamin C, chamomile, etc.).

5.Mistake: Applying hand cream right after washing your hands works best!

Correct: In principle, it is correct to apply hand cream after washing hands to protect the skin from moisture loss. For people with sensitive skin, every hand washing undoubtedly creates more chances of allergy, cracking, and inflammation of the skin.

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