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How to Choose Disposable Hand Sanitizer When Students Return to School?

Jun. 02, 2020

Recently, Chinese provinces and cities have successively released plans for returning students to school. From the end of April to mid-May, students will return to school in batches based on the students' grades.

News about asymptomatic patients with the novel coronavirus has always worried me about this trend of returning to school.

Regarding the protection of novel coronavirus, we all know that in addition to wearing a face mask, the most important measure is to wash your hands. Now that the children are going back to school, how to choose an antibacterial and hand sanitizer for parents so that they can wash their hands and disinfect at any time is a common problem for many parents and friends. Look at the current 300 million back-to-school tides, how to choose an effective antibacterial and antiviral safe hand sanitizer for yourself and your children.

Hand Sanitizer

The disposable hand sanitizer circulating on the market today are based on the main active ingredients for their disinfection efficacy: alcohol, chlorhexidine, triclosan, hydrogen peroxide, quaternary ammonium salts, etc.

Among them, alcohol has the characteristics of rapid, broad-spectrum, excellent bactericidal activity and rapid volatilization, and is currently widely used. According to the "Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures for New Coronavirus Infectious Pneumonia (Sixth Edition)": 75% ethanol can effectively inactivate the virus.

However, disposable hand sanitizers containing ethanol have a fatal drawback, namely flammability.

So, besides alcohol-based hand sanitizer, what about other hand sanitizers with disinfectant ingredients? Among them, the disinfectant containing "triclosan" is teratogenic and may cause side effects such as liver cancer and liver fibrosis in mice. "Hydrogen peroxide" is a carcinogen released by the World Health Organization International Health Research Institute on October 27, 2017. The list is a category 3 carcinogen; the disinfectant containing "chlorhexidine" in the international authoritative medical secondary database UpToDate and the China Health and Health Commission clearly stated that chlorhexidine cannot effectively inhibit novel coronavirus. Therefore, disposable hand sanitizers containing the above three types of disinfectants cannot be reached or used as disposable hand sanitizers against novel coronavirus.

Disposable hand sanitizer containing "quaternary ammonium salt", combined with the guidance of the [Notice of the National Health and Sanitation Committee Office on the Use of Disinfectants] and the official disclosure of new crown disinfectants in countries including Europe The United States and Singapore are undoubtedly not only suitable as antibacterial, antibacterial and no-clean hand sanitizers for novel coronavirus but also safer than ethanol.

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