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Identification of fake lip balm

Jun. 01, 2019

Often applying Personalized Lipstick is bad for your health. The lanolin in lipstick absorbs lead and E. coli in the air. According to reports, about 30% of people who often wear lipstick occur  "Lip allergy ", symptoms of dry lips, burning, swelling, itching, exfoliation of the epidermis, slight pain and so on, and some people will cause poisoning. After the lipstick absorbs the visible light energy, can damage the DNA in the cell (DNA) causes the cell to mutate, is the lip cancer occurrence suspicious cause. 

When eating, the pigment in Round ball Lip Balm can not only enter the human body with food, but also the oral mucosa has the absorption effect on the pigment, these pigments accumulate in the body, which constitutes a potential harm to the body. 

The identification of false Lip Balm China should be carried out mainly in the following areas:

1, Check the appearance, if its surface is matte or not smooth or stomata, it is shoddy.

2, high temperature method, in the 44--46℃ environment to place 24 hours, such as softening phenomenon for shoddy.

3, low temperature method, in the 0--5℃ environment 24h after the restoration of room temperature, if abnormal phenomenon is shoddy.

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