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Will you wash your hands properly?

Dec. 19, 2018

When people are using Custom Instant Hand Soap, they often have some misunderstandings. Many people are afraid that the hand soap can't be cleaned, so press a lot of hand sanitizer on the hand, and wash it hard, and use it repeatedly and frequently. In fact, such deep cleaning can damage the skin, so that the skin not only can not retain moisture, but also easier to invade the bacteria.

Correct use:

It is enough to press one drop each time. After washing and washing on your hands, rinse with running water for more than 15 seconds to clean the Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer .

After wiping your hands, it is best to apply a protective ointment such as hand lotion or petrolatum to keep your hands moist.

Do not wash your hands frequently every day. If you return to the house from the outside, before and after meals, or after touching the dirty things, be sure to wash your hands carefully.

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