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Classification and Main Uses of Wet Wipes

Aug. 24, 2020

With the progress of the times and the improvement of living standards, wet wipes have become a hot-selling product in daily life and home furnishings because of their practicality and convenience, and they are becoming more and more popular. Initially, wipes were used as personal care products, and now they are used in various home and industrial production including medical wipes. The wet wipes on the wet wipes market can be roughly divided into two categories: the first category itself is ordinary, has no bactericidal and antibacterial effects, most of which are rich in skincare ingredients, clean and moisturize the skin. The other type is bactericidal and bacteriostatic. Among them, medical wet wipes can be used for disinfection and sterilization of skin or surface of objects. Under normal circumstances, the packaging will clearly indicate the disinfection or sterilization ingredients.

Wet Wipe

The main use of wet wipes

Wet wipes manufacturers produce many types of wet wipes, such as disinfection wipes, functional wipes, and baby wipes, etc. These wipes have different uses according to different classifications, but the main uses of wet wipes are the following aspects.

Disinfect and remove stains

For the second type of wet wipes on the market, I will do more introduction:

Stains and bacteria are visible and invisible contaminants. Most wet wipes can remove stains by wiping, but to deal with bacteria, wipes with bactericides are needed.

The commonly used bactericides are benzylamine chloramine, cetylpyridinium chloride, cetylpyridinium chloride, etc., mild sterilization can be used on the skin. Some people say that the ingredients are toxic and harmful to health. The argument that high concentrations of bactericidal ingredients may be toxic and irritating, but in wet wipes and related laws and regulations, the amount of addition is very small, which can pass the skin irritation test.

Moisturizing effect

Propylene glycol is a moisturizing ingredient commonly used in wet wipes. Although some wet wipes are plant-derived, they are natural and safer, with a certain moisturizing effect, but if they do not add a certain moisturizer, the moisturizing performance of the wipes will be greatly reduced.

Wet fabric material

According to the raw materials, there are two types of wet wipes: one is paper material, and the other is non-woven fabric. Most wet wipes are made of spunlaced nonwoven fabric in non-woven fabric. Spunlace non-woven fabrics can be divided into polyester fiber, cotton, viscose, and so on. The feel of polyester is hard and smooth, while the texture of cotton and viscose is softer.

The above information is provided by the disinfectant wipes manufacturer.

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