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How to evaluate a breath spray?

Aug. 06, 2019

For Breath Sprays China, our appeal is simple: to keep your breath fresh. On this basis, it is necessary to have a fragrant taste, a small degree of stimulation, and more to carry with you. Based on this demand, we evaluate it through the following dimensions:


In addition to the entrance, the aftertaste in the mouth is sweet and sweet.

2. Immediately remove bad breath ability

There is a Breath Freshening Spray in your mouth, and you can spit the lotus at the mouth.

3. After one hour, the ability to remove bad breath

Compared with the "immediate" of bad breath, we need a "long-lasting effect" to eliminate bad breath. So here is 1 hour as the time node.

4. Portability and bottle body value

It’s important to be able to take it with you, such as a 10ml Breath freshening  Spray.

10ml Breath freshening  Spray

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