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What's the difference between perfume and body spray?

Jun. 11, 2019

Perfume is a liquid that is blended with essential oils, fixatives and alcohol or ethyl acetate to give the body a long-lasting and pleasant scent. Concentrations including balsam, dragon alcohol or ethyl acetate depend on whether it is an eau de toilette, a light fragrance, a fragrance or a cologne. Perfumes are usually kept for five years. The higher the alcohol concentration, the higher the relative price, and the longer the fragrance time, of course, the length of the fragrance is related to many factors.

Body Spray China is an aerosol-propelled antiperspirant product; it has a cool and refreshing scent, keeps it dry, alcohol-free, and mild in nature. Refreshing and absorbing sweat, it helps absorb sweat, oil and odor.

Pocket Body Spray is an antiperspirant product, generally used in places with a lot of sweating, while perfume is the opposite. It should be used in places where there is less sweating. If you are under the armpit, you can never spray perfume. After sweating, it will change with perfume. Into the smell. Therefore, the perfume is usually sprayed behind the ear, the wrist artery can be, try to choose a place where there is less sweat, the fragrance will be purer, and the fragrance will be longer.Card Body Spray Supplier

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