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Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers Are Not Suitable for Infants and Young ChildrenⅡ

Mar. 31, 2020

2. Insufficient sterilization rate. A lot of parents think not to wash the hand liquid sterilization effect is good, in the baby's hand is very dirty or black use, think this is just right to kill bacteria, in fact, if the naked eye visible baby hands black or greasy, the rate of sterilization is very low, alcohol does not have an obvious decontamination effect.

3. Dry, painful and rash skin. Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers can dry out the skin and damage its protective layer, making it more prone to skin problems.

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4. Diarrhea and allergies. If the consumption of alcohol-based hand sanitizer or breathing in too much alcohol gas, it is easy to cause the destruction of the intestinal flora of the baby, resulting in diarrhea, indigestion, allergies and other conditions. Why should babies and toddlers never drink alcohol?

In fact, the original intention of the invention of hands-free hand lotion is to cope with the environment without water, such as taking the baby out of the emergency, but in the case of adequate water resources at home, it is best to choose soap and soap to wash hands, and ensure enough washing time, so as to effectively remove bacteria and viruses.

The product that uses to infant place must science, careful use, encounter the problem that does not understand to consult professional doctor, nursery expert to wait for crowd, after all the safety of the baby, health is the first.

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