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How to apply the hand cream correctly?

Dec. 21, 2018

A pair of delicate white and delicate hands are pleasing to the eye. Over time, the eyes, neck, and hands clearly leaked the age, so it is especially important to maintain the hands. Daily Moisturizing Whitening Hand Cream is an indispensable skin care product. But there are strange phenomena: the hand cream is sometimes used more and more useless, and the hand is still dry. In addition to the quality of hand lotion, the wrong way of applying is also a primary cause.

Wipe your hand cream after washing your hands.

People who often carry hand creams apply a hand cream when they feel dry. There is a misunderstanding: no hand washing. The hand is the most frequent part of the body's daily activities. It is inevitable that many bacteria and other unclean things will be stained. Wiping the hand cream will easily mix with the bacteria in it, which will not achieve the moisturizing effect and is not conducive to the health of the hand.

Wipe the hand cream properly

Extrusion Hand Lotion China in the palm of your hand, wipe a touch, so that the hand warms, so that the hand skin absorbs the nutrients of the hand cream.

Apply the palms and back of the hands in turn, and don't forget to apply the hand cream on the edges of the nails, the tiger's mouth, and the wrists. As much as possible, everything is not missed.

Massage for hands: alternate hands massage, thumb and index finger gently press each finger of the other hand to massage from the inside out. Finally, pay attention to the lower edge of the nail and the gap between the nails.

In the summer, remember to apply Mineral Sunscreen Cream to your hands. In the winter, apply a sunscreen lotion to your hands to keep your hands white and tender.

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