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Sunscreen precautions

Apr. 30, 2019

1. Smear site 

When applying Personal Sunscreen Cream, do not ignore the neck, chin, ears and other parts, so as not to cause uneven skin color.

2. Cleaning Products

Be sure to clean your Mineral Sunscreen thoroughly every night, so don't rest and sleep with sunscreen.

3, the amount of use should be sufficient OEM Sunscreen is not applied on the effective, but to reach a certain amount to play an effect, usually sunscreen in the skin smear amount of 2 mg per square centimeter, in order to achieve the proper sun protection effect.

It should be noted that SPF values can not be added, coated with two layers of SPF10 sunscreen, there is only one layer of SPF10 protection effect.

4. Do not mix and use different brands of Custom Sunscreen Mixing can increase the likelihood of skin allergies.

The ingredients of each brand sunscreen are inconsistent, and if mixed, overlapping on the skin, it is possible to cause ingredients to interfere with each other or repel each other, reducing the effect of sun protection, and even causing skin allergies.

5, pay attention to save 59mL Sunscreen may be less effective if you are heated for a long time or if the sun is in direct sunlight.

Do not use spoiled sunscreen cosmetics, as it not only decreases the sun protection effect, but also is more likely to irritate the skin.

6, pay attention to Sunscreen SPF 30 dead angle When applying common sunscreen, eye lip skin also needs attention.

However, if not stated, or using sunscreen products for the eye, do not use it casually for eye circumference skin.

Sunscreen precautions


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